Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Way pigeons live in park

When I was a child my old grandmother came to visit us every few years she come to new york city from the island where my parents had been born the part of the island called Haiti [hay tee ] her skin was dark brown and folded into a thousand wrinkles tow thousand wrinkles when she laughed she lived in a town on the southern coast of Haiti that looked out on the Caribbean [
Long ago on the island of Hispaniola on the half that is Haiti there were tow friends gray pigeon and green turtle the played along the beach near to town grandmama come from gray pigeon would pick up a pebble from the beach and fly with it out over the clear bule water of the Caribbean sea then he would drop the pebble in the water and green turtle would dive to eatch it before it hit the bottom
One day the pigeons had meeting they decided to move the whole flock to New York as some of their friend had told them the food was good there and there was much to see and do it was very exciting pigeons from all over started packing up their thing they decided to leave on the next
Gray turtle even landed on green turtles back and said well green turtle  even though you have on wings you can go to New York with me I ii hold one end of a branch in may mouth and you can hold tight to the other end with your mouth then can fly you to NEW YORK now gray pigeon got serious but you must not let go you must not open your mouth for any reason or you will fall
He news got around that a turtle was going to New York A turtle ? yes a turtle the whole town was buzzing with the news the whole country of Haiti was buzzing with the news the whole island of Hispaniola was buzzing
Green turtle turned her head for one last glimpse of her old home what did she see they were so proud of green turtle who was going to New York they cheered they called good bay green turtle good bay grebe turtle
Green turtle choked up with feelings and that’s way pigeons live in central park but green turtle is still in Haiti grandmama finished then she laughed a tow thousand wrinkle laugh now lets send those pigeons back to Haiti
We jumped up from the bench ran among the surprised pigeons until they flew away like a gray black cloud say hi to green turtle for us we cried 

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