Saturday, 24 September 2011

Science in the service of ladies

A HOUSE wife says that science has played a remarkable role in the life of a man but it is a pity that it has failed to solve so many social problem it has enormously added to the conforts of man but it das own limitations its methods apply to those which can be observed measured and treated mathematically it has nothing to do with a house wife she has a lot of unpleasant jobs to do at home while pressed suits and engoy such a lot of freetime
A house wife says that she to wash dishes wash clothes and cook for the whole family she has to sweep and clean the house and umpteen other thing to do all this make her look untidy at the end of cannot enjoy her life it is her general complain
On the other hand modern has contributed fine solution to her problem now we have gas and electric stoves inplace of smokay and dangerous stoves no wood to be burnt no smoke or on kerosene oil smell she just presses a button and the fire is ready for her to cook
Now science has blessed with washing machine which has made her job of washing  cloths easy without making her untidy so the work is dons smoothly and save the time immensely another vaccum-cleaner provided by the science which east away all the dirt and dust on the floors and the house wife who uses it may not find a speck of dust on her clothes she has an electrick iron just press a switch and the iron is ready to work
She has pressure at cookers at the same time if she seeks to cook paya curry it is ready for her quick service put all the necessary things in the cooker and keep it on the gas stove and every thing is ready in on time in this way she has not to face danger of burning the fingers or clothes   
There are only a few of new gadegest of science there are so many other things of such labour and time saving devices that modern science has provided for her with the help of machines the house wife can do her household work with out any fatigue for her knowledge she can read literature the literature will also teach her new methods of time saving and labour and making her task lighter and pleasant
In fact science has contributed a lot to solve the problems of housewife immensity as it has helped mankind In generalt 

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