Monday, 24 October 2011


         MODERN AGEE IS NOT only an age of science and technology but it also an age of fashion you cannot find a single person in the world who dose not run after fashion it is not a stable thing but is a flexible and easily changeable we can see a popular fashion one day we can find it changed after a day a week or a mounth fashion generally take birth in the houses of rich people office and colleges
There are a lot fashions in the society I e some time we see people have on hair on thire heade and some time they have long hair but and light pants we find variety of fashions at the some time in the society fashions are not only cloth hair but we have fashions in manners too this contagious disea is not only spreeding in colloge boys male members of society but major par of educated temales are also going to be victim of fashions we can see a show of fashions in busy streets and market places when religions of national fastivat comes near then people wearing fashions come in search of new fashions
Though I am not in favour of fasions but as being a member of the society I cannot keep myself away from the frends of society and I alwase try to keep myself away from ofit this way I am safe from the sffects of sudden changes of fashions which keeps on changing day by day
Fashions cannot be banned become it is human nature to keep pace with time and we should have to encourage them but it is our duty to decide it some fashion will be beneficial for us is lovely fashion


THE TELEVISION is one of the wonder of science it has not only killed distances like radio but it also show us the pictures of the persons who speak for this double advantages it has become very popular all over the world
The idea of the televisions first came into the mind of a german scientist paul nepkow he explained how a picture could be broken up into small elements of light and shade these basic experiments were carried on and the television came into being like the radio the television has killed distances it has brought the nations of the world closer together as if they were next door neighbours it not gives us the news we want but also services us all about
The television in the most up-to-date means of spreading thoughts and dose the ideas it is a means of pictorial communication and dose the the work both of the radio and photography like radio it broadcasts news music wheather and market reports speeches comments interviews of important persons dramas and a variety of other things we not only gear these but we also see men and women who speak
Television has also done a great service in the field of education and research students may see the performances of difficult exsperiments  on the televisions screen there are special T V  programmes for children
Although televisiond has given us all these advantages and facilities we should also be aware of the evils that it is spreading even today some govermments use it for false propagands and do some businessman for introducing their bogus products T V may also make the people corrupt by a display of immoral pictures we should be alive to meet all these dangers

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


SOON AFTER the examination were over I alongwith my class fellow want for picnic to jamshoro we encamped on the right bank of river . MR tom who had organized picnic programme proposed that we should swim in the river MR wasiim did not agree to the proposal and said that it was unsafe to do so MR kalim then proposed than we should hire a boat and take our meal in the boat all the boys agreed to it MR kalim then contracted boat man for rs/100; as the charges we than sat in the boat after about half an hour’s charming round we came at our camp and had our meals salim entertained us with songs wrttien by our pakistanii poet for our homes at about 7.00p.m.