Thursday, 22 December 2011


A GOOD MAN always tries do something useful or great in his lite  he makes efforts to do this if we do not work hard for some purpose we like animals
For example a factory worker gets up early in the morning  after haviang break-fast he bigen perparing for his work he starts for the factory and reaches there on time he work on machines which he as learnt to bandle or in stores of the factory
A factory worker or labourer returns home quite tired in the afternoon he take a bath and changes the clothes then he site with his wife and children
Very often a worker has  a large  family to suppoprt he may have as many as six or seven child ren no doubt his income is much more than what is to be three or four years ago but still it is not enough for the needs of family he can be better off with a smaller family
OUR HOLY PROPHET [P.B.U.H ] SAID ; A labourer is friend to God   labourer earns his pure meal and prays to God
Now-a-days a work man enjoys benefite of in surance if the factory worker dise or gets hurt while working his family gets the compensation some agencise provide traveling faci;ities to the workers and education facilities some have provided residential quarters to their workers
Having all these facilities at his command the worker should work hard and honestly this will bring him success and honour