Thursday, 22 December 2011


A GOOD MAN always tries do something useful or great in his lite  he makes efforts to do this if we do not work hard for some purpose we like animals
For example a factory worker gets up early in the morning  after haviang break-fast he bigen perparing for his work he starts for the factory and reaches there on time he work on machines which he as learnt to bandle or in stores of the factory
A factory worker or labourer returns home quite tired in the afternoon he take a bath and changes the clothes then he site with his wife and children
Very often a worker has  a large  family to suppoprt he may have as many as six or seven child ren no doubt his income is much more than what is to be three or four years ago but still it is not enough for the needs of family he can be better off with a smaller family
OUR HOLY PROPHET [P.B.U.H ] SAID ; A labourer is friend to God   labourer earns his pure meal and prays to God
Now-a-days a work man enjoys benefite of in surance if the factory worker dise or gets hurt while working his family gets the compensation some agencise provide traveling faci;ities to the workers and education facilities some have provided residential quarters to their workers
Having all these facilities at his command the worker should work hard and honestly this will bring him success and honour 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

What's the Right TV Screen

The original TV screen size guideline for standard-definition televisions was to get a television with a screen size three to six times smaller than the distance where you'd sit. If you sat 12 feet (or 144 inches) from your standard-definition television, you'd want a television with a screen size between 24" and 48".

Television is certainly one of the most influential forces of our time. Through the device called a television set or TV, you are able to receive news, sports, entertainment, information and commercials. The average American spends between two and five hours a day glued to "the tub

Monday, 24 October 2011


         MODERN AGEE IS NOT only an age of science and technology but it also an age of fashion you cannot find a single person in the world who dose not run after fashion it is not a stable thing but is a flexible and easily changeable we can see a popular fashion one day we can find it changed after a day a week or a mounth fashion generally take birth in the houses of rich people office and colleges
There are a lot fashions in the society I e some time we see people have on hair on thire heade and some time they have long hair but and light pants we find variety of fashions at the some time in the society fashions are not only cloth hair but we have fashions in manners too this contagious disea is not only spreeding in colloge boys male members of society but major par of educated temales are also going to be victim of fashions we can see a show of fashions in busy streets and market places when religions of national fastivat comes near then people wearing fashions come in search of new fashions
Though I am not in favour of fasions but as being a member of the society I cannot keep myself away from the frends of society and I alwase try to keep myself away from ofit this way I am safe from the sffects of sudden changes of fashions which keeps on changing day by day
Fashions cannot be banned become it is human nature to keep pace with time and we should have to encourage them but it is our duty to decide it some fashion will be beneficial for us is lovely fashion


THE TELEVISION is one of the wonder of science it has not only killed distances like radio but it also show us the pictures of the persons who speak for this double advantages it has become very popular all over the world
The idea of the televisions first came into the mind of a german scientist paul nepkow he explained how a picture could be broken up into small elements of light and shade these basic experiments were carried on and the television came into being like the radio the television has killed distances it has brought the nations of the world closer together as if they were next door neighbours it not gives us the news we want but also services us all about
The television in the most up-to-date means of spreading thoughts and dose the ideas it is a means of pictorial communication and dose the the work both of the radio and photography like radio it broadcasts news music wheather and market reports speeches comments interviews of important persons dramas and a variety of other things we not only gear these but we also see men and women who speak
Television has also done a great service in the field of education and research students may see the performances of difficult exsperiments  on the televisions screen there are special T V  programmes for children
Although televisiond has given us all these advantages and facilities we should also be aware of the evils that it is spreading even today some govermments use it for false propagands and do some businessman for introducing their bogus products T V may also make the people corrupt by a display of immoral pictures we should be alive to meet all these dangers

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


SOON AFTER the examination were over I alongwith my class fellow want for picnic to jamshoro we encamped on the right bank of river . MR tom who had organized picnic programme proposed that we should swim in the river MR wasiim did not agree to the proposal and said that it was unsafe to do so MR kalim then proposed than we should hire a boat and take our meal in the boat all the boys agreed to it MR kalim then contracted boat man for rs/100; as the charges we than sat in the boat after about half an hour’s charming round we came at our camp and had our meals salim entertained us with songs wrttien by our pakistanii poet for our homes at about 7.00p.m.

Thursday, 29 September 2011


BIOLOGYIS ONE OF THE NATURAL SCLENCES which deals with the thing that exhibit the properties of life sclentists ca;; these thing as organisms the word biology has been derved from greek words bios life + logos discourse .formerly living organisms were classtfied into two kingdoms i.e. plant kingdom and animal kingdom the plants were studied under the subdivision botany and animals were studied under subdivision zoology the latest research has discarded the old concept of two kingdoms of living organisms according to modern system of taxonomy living organisms have been classified into the following five kingdoms
1;;      kingdom prokaryotic [monera]\
IT includes almost all the prokaryotes such as bacteria and cyanobacteria
2;;         kingdom portisat;
IT includes all the acellular eukaryotic such organisms  .which  are no longer classifited as animals plants or fungi. E.g. englena paramecium chlamydomonas. Etc.
3;;          kingdom fungi;;
IT includes non-chlorophyllus. Multicellular. Organisms having cell wall coenocytic body called mycelium e.g. agaricus mushroom yeast etc
4;;          kingdom plantae’
IT includes all the chlorophyllus multicellular eukaryotic living organisms having cell wall. e.g  apple sunflower.etc
5;;          Kingdom animalia
IT includes all the non-chlorophyllus multicellular eukaryotic organisms having no cell wall e.g. hydra earthworm man etc
Scientists have discovered and named more than one and a half million species of living organisms which exist in a great variety of forms –shapes and sizes for example the smallest microscopic ones bacteria which may measure no more than   0.0001mm to probably the largest animal wnale in the world which may measure up to 40 meters in length and weight 150 tons and trees redwood tree measuring over 300 feet in height
Modern biology does not only concern with the recognition and classification of these species but also deals with their vital structural and functional aspects this has led to the division of biolgy into a large number of extremely specialized branches some of the major branches or fields of specialtsation in biology are defined below;
Molecular Biology
It is recent branch of biological science that deals with the structure and function of the molecules that form structure of cell and organelles that take part in the biological processes of a living organism(nucleic acids-protein molecule0.
It deals with the study of micro organisms [viruses. Protozoans. Etc ]
Enivronmental Biology
IT dea;ls with the study of envtronment and its effects on organisms
Marine Biology
It deals with the study of organisms inhabtting the sea ocean and the physical and chemical characteristic of their environment
Fresh Water Biology
IT deals with life swelling in the fresh waters physical and chemical characteristics of fresh water budies affecting it
It deals with the study of parasttic orhanisms their life cycles mode of transmission and interactionwith their hosts
Human Biology
This branch of bio;ogy seals with all biological aspects of man regarding evolution anatomy physiology health inheritance etc
Social Biology
Social biology is concerned with the social interactions within a population of a given animal spectes spectally in human beings focuses on such issues as whether certain behaviours are inherited or culturally induced

THIS IS A VERY RECENT branch introduced in biological sciences it deals with the use of the data and techniques of engineering and technology for the study and solution of problems concerning living organisms particularly the human beings 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Way pigeons live in park

When I was a child my old grandmother came to visit us every few years she come to new york city from the island where my parents had been born the part of the island called Haiti [hay tee ] her skin was dark brown and folded into a thousand wrinkles tow thousand wrinkles when she laughed she lived in a town on the southern coast of Haiti that looked out on the Caribbean [
Long ago on the island of Hispaniola on the half that is Haiti there were tow friends gray pigeon and green turtle the played along the beach near to town grandmama come from gray pigeon would pick up a pebble from the beach and fly with it out over the clear bule water of the Caribbean sea then he would drop the pebble in the water and green turtle would dive to eatch it before it hit the bottom
One day the pigeons had meeting they decided to move the whole flock to New York as some of their friend had told them the food was good there and there was much to see and do it was very exciting pigeons from all over started packing up their thing they decided to leave on the next
Gray turtle even landed on green turtles back and said well green turtle  even though you have on wings you can go to New York with me I ii hold one end of a branch in may mouth and you can hold tight to the other end with your mouth then can fly you to NEW YORK now gray pigeon got serious but you must not let go you must not open your mouth for any reason or you will fall
He news got around that a turtle was going to New York A turtle ? yes a turtle the whole town was buzzing with the news the whole country of Haiti was buzzing with the news the whole island of Hispaniola was buzzing
Green turtle turned her head for one last glimpse of her old home what did she see they were so proud of green turtle who was going to New York they cheered they called good bay green turtle good bay grebe turtle
Green turtle choked up with feelings and that’s way pigeons live in central park but green turtle is still in Haiti grandmama finished then she laughed a tow thousand wrinkle laugh now lets send those pigeons back to Haiti
We jumped up from the bench ran among the surprised pigeons until they flew away like a gray black cloud say hi to green turtle for us we cried 


OUR life is dream we pass through many incident in our life those incidents often pin us in the shape of dream
Dreams some time pleasant and some times they are horrible dreams are the parts of various kinds what we do in our daily life or what we think about any happening it reflects in various ways in dreams the people who make charming plan for their future life see golden dreams
The dreams some time encourage us what ever it is the mirror of our happening or thoughts
I have also seen many dreams but a dream will be remembered ever it was a pleasant dream of my life that was an image of a party which was participated by me it was a colourful and delighted gathering when I reached at my home I felt my self too tired I saw myself standing on a high hill surrounded by lovely country covered with beautiful green and a profusion of the most beautifully coloured flowers I had ever seen
A stream was day flowing in the middle of the grass if was day time and the water was sparkling in the sun light after a few minutes a fairy appearea in front of me and asked me to rejoice in the sky I agreed at once she pointed a carpet and we both got the seat suddenly it started flying and we were roaming about like clouds in the sky we enjoyed four hours and after having being tired we turned down the the earth I saw a grand place and we found ourself surrounded by a crowd of fairies the fairy who was with me was their queen after a moment some fairies started to feed us I was much impressed by their hospitality after having meal we full music some faires started music and some of them were dancing the fairy queen caught my hand started dancing with me
Suddenly I heard a sound and I work up at once it was the sound of my own AL-ARAM.


IT IS usually belived that menial types of our house hold work is to be performed by servants only it is absolutely a wrong ides
For example  if a man has carry even a small box from one house to another he would require a labour it is not necessary to have a labour to carry such small and un-heavy thing some people hire rickahow only to pass a furlong way such people think it against their dignity or they feel shame of doing that they argue that dignity and status it is an entirely wrong conception
There should be on shame indoing our own work and no kind of labour is un-dignified
To keep our own house clean to carry thing from market for our domestic need to wash clothes to mend our shoes to repair our clothes and to sweep in our own house are not dignifid tasks if we look into this matter from the correct point of view we shall realize that it is highly respectable to do our own work with our own hands no servant can do our work so well as we can
In all civilized and developed countries many people do their own work without feeling shame we name them activities they are gardening digging and pruning cutting grass sowing vegetables sewing clothes flower making and so on
All great religions of the world have emphasized the dignity of labour most of them used to do their work with their own hand they were never ashamed of labour in this regard the noble example of our holy prophet [S A W S ]are before us
Our holy prophet often mended his shoes repair articles of domestic use washed his clothes and swept his room when the mosque of medina was under construction he carried building material
Our caliph Hazrat Abu Bakr not only did his work but also fetched water for widows and neighbours who were too old to work
Hazrat Umer once carred on his shoulders a large sack of flour for a needy family
Hazrat ALI laboured in the graden of a jew Hazrat Fatima did her all house hold works with her own hands
Sultan nasiruddin earned his by making caps the great mughul emperor Aurangzeb also earned his living by copying HOLY QURAN
These all examples show the dignity of labour. 

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Science in the service of ladies

A HOUSE wife says that science has played a remarkable role in the life of a man but it is a pity that it has failed to solve so many social problem it has enormously added to the conforts of man but it das own limitations its methods apply to those which can be observed measured and treated mathematically it has nothing to do with a house wife she has a lot of unpleasant jobs to do at home while pressed suits and engoy such a lot of freetime
A house wife says that she to wash dishes wash clothes and cook for the whole family she has to sweep and clean the house and umpteen other thing to do all this make her look untidy at the end of cannot enjoy her life it is her general complain
On the other hand modern has contributed fine solution to her problem now we have gas and electric stoves inplace of smokay and dangerous stoves no wood to be burnt no smoke or on kerosene oil smell she just presses a button and the fire is ready for her to cook
Now science has blessed with washing machine which has made her job of washing  cloths easy without making her untidy so the work is dons smoothly and save the time immensely another vaccum-cleaner provided by the science which east away all the dirt and dust on the floors and the house wife who uses it may not find a speck of dust on her clothes she has an electrick iron just press a switch and the iron is ready to work
She has pressure at cookers at the same time if she seeks to cook paya curry it is ready for her quick service put all the necessary things in the cooker and keep it on the gas stove and every thing is ready in on time in this way she has not to face danger of burning the fingers or clothes   
There are only a few of new gadegest of science there are so many other things of such labour and time saving devices that modern science has provided for her with the help of machines the house wife can do her household work with out any fatigue for her knowledge she can read literature the literature will also teach her new methods of time saving and labour and making her task lighter and pleasant
In fact science has contributed a lot to solve the problems of housewife immensity as it has helped mankind In generalt 

Thursday, 22 September 2011


LONG LONG AGO A YOUNG GIRL lived at the foot of thunder mountain she was very poor with tattered clothing and little to eat She took care of the turkeys in the village called matsaki in return the villagers geve her corn to eat and old clothes to wear she was called turkey Girl
EARLY each morning as the sun rose in the east turkey girl led the turkeys out of their pens acrose the arroyo through the canyon up the mountains and onto the mesa there the turkey would scratch and graze on the dry grass
EVERY evening as the sun faded slowly in the west turkey GIRL LED the turkeys back to the village GOOD NIGHT friends she would say to them as sje penned them up for the night
One evening after the turkey were safe in their pen turkey girl was gathering water at the spring other girls from the village were there but they did not speak to turkey girl they never did but they did much talking abd loughing with each other oh how turkey girl longed to one of them
On this night  turkey girl could not help but here their talk the feast of the sacred bird will be held in hawikuh in four days
Some of the girl almost squealed with delight we are all invited there was more excited hihhling turkey girl knew she was not inviled she held her head as if she did not care  
One  morning of the feast the villagers hurried getting ready for the ccelebraction cthen  left early for hawikuh everyone left turkey girl she did as she always did with one small change this morning she cried as she led the turkey out of the village across the arroyo through the canyon and up the mountain
The turkey girl dropped to the ground in the disbelief was she dreaming again?still it seemed so real she looked at the gobbler and asked
HOW is it that you can speak?           WE have many secrets answered the old gobbler
TURKEY girl wiped away her tears and smiled I should have guessed she said you have many secrest BUT I have none What you see not be going to the feast
SHE was beautifl the villagers from matsaki wondered who this person was and where she had come from  the could not stop looking at be close to her AT last TURKEY girl was welcomed by her people
TURKEY GIRL danced in every dance but she did not forget her turkey frinds AS the music began to fade she prepared to go back to them before she leave HOW could she end the most wonderful day of her life she stayed  for one more dance
TOO LATE her beloved turkeys were gone Nothing but silence the turkey thinking their firend had promise had left the village as turkey girl stood broken her loneliness her beautiful white dress returned to its tattered and dirty state her moccasins disappeared as did her lost turkey Everything else including her beloved firend was gone
TURKEY GIRL had not kept her word ever since then turkey have lived apartsfrom people 

Visit moen jo daro

It is a great experience to visit a place instorical interest and to look and wonder at the great monuments of the past they recreate the past history before our eyesand on the wings of fancy we fly back into the past for a time
IT was a fine day and our lecturer Mr H.G. moinuddin was discussing about the historical place of the world some of us were interested in shhbi fort some in shahi mosque some in tomb of jehangir some in shalamar garden and most of in moen jo daro do we got a programme to visit moen jo daro
Our lecturer said that moen jo daro is a name of an ancient place the ruins of moen jo daro are about 5000years old it is nearly 400 miles away to the north of Karachi then our lecturer told us that we shall visit this place after three days
Three days later we went to moen jo daro early in  the morning by bus as we approached the moen jo daro the great gate way of cement stone covered all over with sentences in English and urdu a few steps ahead there was a handicraft shop where the handicrafts of Pakistan were kept for sale after some momaats we reached he city moen jo daro  
The roads of this city were wide every house had a deep well rooms store room and a servant quarter close by the houses of moenjodaro were made of red baked bricks there was also a swimming poot in the city the drainage system was good the people of this city were hard worker and wealthy whole the city was constructed on hygienic line it should the old civilization of mehran
After passing about four hours we  went to see the museum there were a lot of toys a statue of a dancing girl old posts jewellaries dolls and seal the best find of moen jo daro is a head of a bull perhaps it was used that time as a seal the language of these people is not yet deciphered
Sir jhon marshall an English officer who was interested in history discovered it the government of Pakistan is investing a larg amount for the care moenjodaro
At about 7.00   oclock in the evening we returned back to our house  


INTERODUCTION’ISLAM is an ARABIC word which mean submission surrender and obedience AS a religion it stand sfor complete submission and Obedienice to almighty Allah
Sources of Islam’ the real soirce from which all principles of Islam are drawn is the ;HOLY QURAN; REVEALED to our holy prophet Muhammad [SALLAL-LAHO-ALEHE WASALLAM] the other sources are sunnah and ijtehad from which the teachings of Islam and the laws of Islam are drawn
 Articles of faith Islam’’ belongs to five articles of faith the are [1] faith or belief in god [2] faith or belief in existence of Gods angtes [3] faith or belief in the revealing books; [4]faith or belief in all the prophets of God and in the finality of the prophets-hood of Muhammad [S.A.W.S];
[5] FAITH or belief in life after death
FUNDAMENTALS OF ISLAM;’ the fundamental religious duties recognized by Islam are five viz;
1]Kalma Tayyaba its acceptance by tongue and heart,
ISLAM came like flood of light into world it illuminate the entire environment its charm so captivated many that they moved into its fold but those who did not enter its fold were also spell bound they confessed its greatness and paid tributes to it
TWO feature in the creed of Islam have always specialty attracted me one is be God conception the other is its unquestionable sincerety a tremendous-asset in human affairs the religions aspect of them especially after all sincerety is almost and like love covers a multitude of sins
Islam permits on priesthood because Muhammad [S.A.W.S.] HAD TO FIGHT SO BITTERLY against idols
More then most religions Islam peraches the brother hood equality af all races colours and nations within its fold thus Islam is a perfect and universal religion
            ;the mobility and broad tolerance of this creed which accept as God fnspired all the real religious of the would will always be a glorious heritage for mankind on it could indeed be built a perfect world religion