Tuesday, 27 September 2011


OUR life is dream we pass through many incident in our life those incidents often pin us in the shape of dream
Dreams some time pleasant and some times they are horrible dreams are the parts of various kinds what we do in our daily life or what we think about any happening it reflects in various ways in dreams the people who make charming plan for their future life see golden dreams
The dreams some time encourage us what ever it is the mirror of our happening or thoughts
I have also seen many dreams but a dream will be remembered ever it was a pleasant dream of my life that was an image of a party which was participated by me it was a colourful and delighted gathering when I reached at my home I felt my self too tired I saw myself standing on a high hill surrounded by lovely country covered with beautiful green and a profusion of the most beautifully coloured flowers I had ever seen
A stream was day flowing in the middle of the grass if was day time and the water was sparkling in the sun light after a few minutes a fairy appearea in front of me and asked me to rejoice in the sky I agreed at once she pointed a carpet and we both got the seat suddenly it started flying and we were roaming about like clouds in the sky we enjoyed four hours and after having being tired we turned down the the earth I saw a grand place and we found ourself surrounded by a crowd of fairies the fairy who was with me was their queen after a moment some fairies started to feed us I was much impressed by their hospitality after having meal we full music some faires started music and some of them were dancing the fairy queen caught my hand started dancing with me
Suddenly I heard a sound and I work up at once it was the sound of my own AL-ARAM.

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