Thursday, 22 September 2011

Visit moen jo daro

It is a great experience to visit a place instorical interest and to look and wonder at the great monuments of the past they recreate the past history before our eyesand on the wings of fancy we fly back into the past for a time
IT was a fine day and our lecturer Mr H.G. moinuddin was discussing about the historical place of the world some of us were interested in shhbi fort some in shahi mosque some in tomb of jehangir some in shalamar garden and most of in moen jo daro do we got a programme to visit moen jo daro
Our lecturer said that moen jo daro is a name of an ancient place the ruins of moen jo daro are about 5000years old it is nearly 400 miles away to the north of Karachi then our lecturer told us that we shall visit this place after three days
Three days later we went to moen jo daro early in  the morning by bus as we approached the moen jo daro the great gate way of cement stone covered all over with sentences in English and urdu a few steps ahead there was a handicraft shop where the handicrafts of Pakistan were kept for sale after some momaats we reached he city moen jo daro  
The roads of this city were wide every house had a deep well rooms store room and a servant quarter close by the houses of moenjodaro were made of red baked bricks there was also a swimming poot in the city the drainage system was good the people of this city were hard worker and wealthy whole the city was constructed on hygienic line it should the old civilization of mehran
After passing about four hours we  went to see the museum there were a lot of toys a statue of a dancing girl old posts jewellaries dolls and seal the best find of moen jo daro is a head of a bull perhaps it was used that time as a seal the language of these people is not yet deciphered
Sir jhon marshall an English officer who was interested in history discovered it the government of Pakistan is investing a larg amount for the care moenjodaro
At about 7.00   oclock in the evening we returned back to our house  

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