Monday, 19 September 2011


LOUIS Braille [ loo,ee brayl] was born in a small town in france in 1809. AS a child he loved to help his father make saddles and harnesses ONE day when louis was only three he grabbed his fathers awl,An awl is tool with a long sharp poient the little hand slipped the awl to made a hole in his left eye instead
IF this had happened today doctore probably could have saved louiss eye they would have gotten rid of the infection that was there and they could have dtopped that infaction from making him blind in this right eye too.
LOUIS did so well that he was accepted at the local school at the age of seven HE listened carefully and memorized what the teacher said louis could figure
ABOUT THE TIME LOUIS TEN HIS PARENTS DECIDED TO SEND TO THE national institute for the young blind in paris this special school was four hours from his home
AT first louis was lonely and firghtend at his new school; the other blind boys played tricks on him they stole his food they locked him in the bathroom after a while though they becom his friends
This made book very  big in fact each book had to be divided into 20 volume like an encyclopedia Each volume weighed 20 pounds these books were not easy to feel the difference between such latters as M and N
LOUIS the teacher at the institute knew louis was searching for a new way to print books they did not expect him to succeed AFTER all he was just a boy-and he was blind AND
AT last louis knew how would his books HE would use a tool called a styus to make raised dots and dashes on paper for three years louis worked on his new system of writing often he worked at night after the other boys at the institute were asleep louis was only 15 in 1824 when he finally showed his new idea to his classmates they loved it they named it after him they called it the Braille method
Louiss invention goes unnoticed
Louis continued to improve his idea he stopped using dashes instead he used from one to six dots to stand for each latter Each latter had a different nambers and placement of dots
In 1826 louis gradusted from the institute then he become a teacher there-at the age of 17’ he also played the organ at a church near the school louis used the mony he carned and all his extra time copy books into Braille he had comeone read books aloud so he could create the words with patterns of dots
NOW BRALLE is used by people all the worlds they send Braille greeting cards use Braille computers and read diretions on elevators in Braille  louis Braille a blind boy just wanted to be able to read has helped millions of other people do so

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