Tuesday, 27 September 2011


IT IS usually belived that menial types of our house hold work is to be performed by servants only it is absolutely a wrong ides
For example  if a man has carry even a small box from one house to another he would require a labour it is not necessary to have a labour to carry such small and un-heavy thing some people hire rickahow only to pass a furlong way such people think it against their dignity or they feel shame of doing that they argue that dignity and status it is an entirely wrong conception
There should be on shame indoing our own work and no kind of labour is un-dignified
To keep our own house clean to carry thing from market for our domestic need to wash clothes to mend our shoes to repair our clothes and to sweep in our own house are not dignifid tasks if we look into this matter from the correct point of view we shall realize that it is highly respectable to do our own work with our own hands no servant can do our work so well as we can
In all civilized and developed countries many people do their own work without feeling shame we name them activities they are gardening digging and pruning cutting grass sowing vegetables sewing clothes flower making and so on
All great religions of the world have emphasized the dignity of labour most of them used to do their work with their own hand they were never ashamed of labour in this regard the noble example of our holy prophet [S A W S ]are before us
Our holy prophet often mended his shoes repair articles of domestic use washed his clothes and swept his room when the mosque of medina was under construction he carried building material
Our caliph Hazrat Abu Bakr not only did his work but also fetched water for widows and neighbours who were too old to work
Hazrat Umer once carred on his shoulders a large sack of flour for a needy family
Hazrat ALI laboured in the graden of a jew Hazrat Fatima did her all house hold works with her own hands
Sultan nasiruddin earned his by making caps the great mughul emperor Aurangzeb also earned his living by copying HOLY QURAN
These all examples show the dignity of labour. 

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