Tuesday, 20 September 2011


;O’ HOW happy I would be if I bird wings when I give free rein to my fancy and imagine such a thing I feel happy indeed it would be a fine thing to posses a pair of wings and fly hight up in the SKY
every body knows that the birds is free from all sort of worries if I were a bird I would freely move every where it would be on tired I would rest I would rest in any place if I would be tired I would rest in any garden NO BODY could force me against my wishe the whole blue SKY  and the whole earth full of sceneries would bemy outing spot I would be free to build my nest any where or at any place it would be atmy will to fly from my nest at any time when I will to feel hungry all the thing of the world will be my dish and I will taste cach and every thing according to my hunger
if i had wings I could go perch on a tower or the head of a statue in some town or go self I will enjoy my self every thing sometimes I have be driven out of my nest by some naughty tellows or my nest may be destroyed altogether
I would also have careful towards the hunters who wanted to catch and hunt me if I made mistake I would be hunted and would be no more in this charming world
Or     if  I had wings I would have to face some burning dangers also such as heavy rains floods and storms but the enjoyment I would have would be so great thate I could face these dangers happily
I would have to carry out nobody others I would be my own master this woundful uciverse full of bright would be my kingdom and I will be the

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