Thursday, 22 September 2011


LONG LONG AGO A YOUNG GIRL lived at the foot of thunder mountain she was very poor with tattered clothing and little to eat She took care of the turkeys in the village called matsaki in return the villagers geve her corn to eat and old clothes to wear she was called turkey Girl
EARLY each morning as the sun rose in the east turkey girl led the turkeys out of their pens acrose the arroyo through the canyon up the mountains and onto the mesa there the turkey would scratch and graze on the dry grass
EVERY evening as the sun faded slowly in the west turkey GIRL LED the turkeys back to the village GOOD NIGHT friends she would say to them as sje penned them up for the night
One evening after the turkey were safe in their pen turkey girl was gathering water at the spring other girls from the village were there but they did not speak to turkey girl they never did but they did much talking abd loughing with each other oh how turkey girl longed to one of them
On this night  turkey girl could not help but here their talk the feast of the sacred bird will be held in hawikuh in four days
Some of the girl almost squealed with delight we are all invited there was more excited hihhling turkey girl knew she was not inviled she held her head as if she did not care  
One  morning of the feast the villagers hurried getting ready for the ccelebraction cthen  left early for hawikuh everyone left turkey girl she did as she always did with one small change this morning she cried as she led the turkey out of the village across the arroyo through the canyon and up the mountain
The turkey girl dropped to the ground in the disbelief was she dreaming again?still it seemed so real she looked at the gobbler and asked
HOW is it that you can speak?           WE have many secrets answered the old gobbler
TURKEY girl wiped away her tears and smiled I should have guessed she said you have many secrest BUT I have none What you see not be going to the feast
SHE was beautifl the villagers from matsaki wondered who this person was and where she had come from  the could not stop looking at be close to her AT last TURKEY girl was welcomed by her people
TURKEY GIRL danced in every dance but she did not forget her turkey frinds AS the music began to fade she prepared to go back to them before she leave HOW could she end the most wonderful day of her life she stayed  for one more dance
TOO LATE her beloved turkeys were gone Nothing but silence the turkey thinking their firend had promise had left the village as turkey girl stood broken her loneliness her beautiful white dress returned to its tattered and dirty state her moccasins disappeared as did her lost turkey Everything else including her beloved firend was gone
TURKEY GIRL had not kept her word ever since then turkey have lived apartsfrom people 

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